lemon water

Making Lemon Water with Kids

A couple of days ago my husband and I were listening to a commercial on the radio.  We both stopped our conversation and just listened.  I guess it was more of a public service announcement vs. a commercial.  The topic was childhood obesity and they really shocked us with some facts about kids and sugar.  The amount of sugar and calories that some kids drink is surprising. 

My 5 year old takes after me. He really loves good food and enjoys savoring the flavors of whatever he eats or drinks.  And, just like me, his drink of choice is definitely water, and that couldn't make me happier.

This past weekend, he was playing in the backyard and took a break to make 'lemonade'.  His version of lemonade is really just water and lemon - no sugar or sweetener.  But, as we were making 'lemonade' together, I realized that is was a great experience for both of us. 

Seeing it though his eyes was really exciting. We washed the lemon and rolled it around in our hands to loosen up the juices. I cut the lemon and he squeezed it into the pitcher. We threw all of the peices of lemon into the pitcher of water. Then, he helped pour glasses of lemonade for the whole family, and, with such pride, he handed his bother and Daddy a refreshing cup of 'lemonade'. 

It was just lemon water, but it was so much more than that.


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