Kid's Snow Play & Safety

When I started this website, I knew it was going to be a labor of love, but I never would have guessed that 2.5 years later, I'd still be at it. It has definitely evolved over the years, and I'm pretty sure the best has yet to come.

As I was watching the weather last night, I saw that much of America is incredibly COLD right now! Honestly, I don't think the word "cold" does it justice. It is frigid, bitter, and intense here in the Philadelphia suburbs. I decided to do a quick search and see what other posts I had written about the snow, and I found one that was perfect to share again.  It's about snow safety and kids.

Back when I wrote this, my kids were 2 years younger, and the mere thought of being out in the snow was enough send shivers down my spine.   I feel like I've definitely toughened up since then. Maybe that's what being the mom of boys does to you, (or maybe I just bought a warmer coat.) Whatever the case may be, playing outside in weather like this can be fun as long as you know how to stay safe.  Continue here to read Kid's Safety and Snow Play.