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Global Smurfs Day - June 22, 2013 #Smurfs #happysmurfsday

 Celebrate Global Smurfs Day - June 22, 2013!

Isn't it funny when things come full circle?  I remember watching the Smurfs as a kid, and now, I watch the new Smurf movies with my kids.  We really enjoyed the Smurf movie with Neil Patrick Harris and I think my kids are going to love Smurfs™ 2 which will be in theaters July 31. If you haven't watched the movie trailer yet, you have to see what the new "naughty" smurfs are all about!

In honor of the Smurfs timeless message of harmony with the environment, the studio is orchestrating a nationwide series of environmental efforts celebrating “America the Bluetiful,” in which kids and their parents can meet the Smurfs as they clean up their local parks, encourage recycling, plant trees, and discover other ways they can help “bluetify” our country.
You can also find the Smurf Village Pop Up Tour in the following cities:

• June 21st - 23rd in San Antonio, TX.
• June 28th, 29th tand 30th in Los Angeles, CA
• July 4th - 7th in San Francosco, CA
• July 13th & 24th at the California State Fair
•  July 25th - 31 in New York City, NY
Six Flags Smurf Day

Heading to Six Flags this weekend?  Celebrate Global Smurfs Day on Saturday, June 22nd 2013! According to the, if you dress as a Smurf or wear Smurf attire and get early ride time access.

Get Smurfy at Home

If you want to have some Smurf's fun at home, check out the offical Smurf website for videos and kid's games.  This website is pretty cool.  I can't wait to show it to my kids.

Do you have memories of watching the Smurfs as a child like I do? Do you plan on seeing any movies this summer?

 Image and Video from Sony Pictures. This is not a sponsored post.