snowman candy apples

Snowman Candy Apples... A Fun & Easy Kids Recipe


Whether you have snow on the ground or you're lucky enough to be surrounded by palm trees, you can still have winter fun with a snowman!  Try these snowman candy apples which are layered in white chocolate, snowflake sprinkles and decorated with M&M's and chocolate chips. 

Here's what you need:

  •  Apples
  • Lollipop Sticks
  • White Melting Candy or White Chocolate
  • Edible Snowflake Sprinkles
  • M&Ms (we used brown and red)
  • Mini Nestles Chocolate Chips

(If you don't have Snowflake Sprinkles, you could always use plain white sprinkles, or coconut flakes might even work too.  We tried to experiment with mini marshmallows, but they were too fluffy.)

Here's a quick how-to-guide on making a Snowman Candy Apple:

 1) First, you take a small apple (any type of apple will work).  And, place a lollipop stick in the core of the apple. 

2) Cover the bottom of a plate with your Snowflake Candy sprinkles. Make sure you have enough sprinkles to roll your apples in the snowflakes and almost completely cover the apples. You'll need this plate in a couple of minutes, but, for now, just keep it to the side.  Get your M&M's and chocolate chips ready too. 

3) It's time to melt your white Wilton Melting Candy.  First, fill a measuring cup with the melting candy to the one cup line

I followed the instructions on the Wilton package, which said to microwave the Candy Melts at 40% power (or defrost setting) for 1 minute. Stir the candy thoroughly and then continue microwaving and stirring at 30-second intervals until smooth and completely melted.  *Using about 1 cup of melting candies allowed me to cover 4 small apples. 

4) Then, quickly dip your apples into the melted candy.

Cover the entire apple in the melted white candy (make sure you have a nice thick coating), and then immediately roll the covered apples into the snowflake candy sprinkles.

 5) Use the melted candy to fasten the M&M's (for the eyes) and chocolate chips (for the mouth) onto your snowman.

Here are three Snowman Candy Apples that we made.  Aren't they so darn cute?