The Benefits of Unreal Chocolate Candy #getunreal

Confession time... I'm a bit of a chocolate snob. I don't know how it started, but I guess I've tasted enough chocolate over time to develop a taste for the good stuff. So, when a new candy company called UNREAL was looking for people to check out their new line of chocolate, I jumped at the chance and invited some of my friends over to taste test with me.

If you've never heard of UNREAL, take a look at this YouTube video.

This chocolate (or candy, as they call it) is really good, and my friends agree. UNREAL Candy's slogan is Junk food, UNJUNKED™ which is perfect for moms like me who are trying to eat more real food with better ingredients, but still want a treat sometimes.

When my friends and I were tasting all of the UNREAL candy, I asked them what they thought of the candy and here's what they had to say:

  • "The candy tasted delicious! I like how it has less sugar and less calories than other popular brands. The fact that their are no artificial food dies is great too!"
  • "I love the natural, healthy ingredients.  It's so much better for the kids.  The colors are very earthy too.  Love the non-GMO aspect of it."
  • "I really like the creamy texture of the peanut butter and that it's not too sugary."
  • "I love that there is no high fructose corn syrup and no hydrogenated oils!"
  • "It's unbelievable! I love that there are no artificial food dyes in there."
  • "I would buy unreal candy rather than the competitor because of the ingredients and it tastes great!"

As you can tell, the UNREAL candy was a hit! This new brand enables us to treat ourselves and our kids, but without the junky ingredients. Now, a mom can give her 18 month old a candy coated chocolate without having to worry about the artificial colors. There is more protein and fiber, no artificial preservatives and real milk. It's a candy revolution!

Disclosure: These are my honest opinions. I was sent UNREAL candy to share with my friends, and compensated for this post. But, I truely do enjoy this candy, and I will be buying it in the future.