What makes an epic playdate? #EpicPlaydate #CGC


I love a good party. Bonfires, gigantic inflatable water-slides, dancing and swimming have all been part of some of our best parties with friends and family. If I was going to think big, I would love to have a huge family playdate with all of those things. But, when I'm planning playdates for my kids, sometimes less is so much more.

Epic: extending beyond the usual or ordinary

Ever since spring began, we've been busy with school, sports, birthday parties, and lots of other events.  Down time is something that I treasure.  I love those moments when we don't have anything scheduled.  It means we have more time for playing in the yard, eating dinner as a family, and letting my kids explore.

Down time also means we have more time for spontaneous playdates. When my boys were younger I was little reluctant to invite friends over for playdates but now I know what works and it's fantastic. It's not about having amazing crafts or toys lined up. A great playdate is all about friendship. It's about imagination, quality time spent together and fun!

For us, an epic playdate usually consists on having one friend over. That's it... just one. This gives my kids a chance to really bond with their friend. We've had lots and lots of playdates over the years and whenever we have one special friend it always works the best.

Moms know, that when their kids are happy they're happy, right?  It really doesn't take much to make a kid happy.

So, a playdate at home, with a special friend may not seem "epic" to some people, but for us it is.  This summer, I plan on continuing these play dates with my kids and their friends. I'm happy to spend so much time with my kids and give them an opportunity to nurture & develop their friendships.  To me, that is priceless!

If you could have an epic playdate, what would it be like? Did you see Jordan's amazing play-date in the Red Woods on the Oh Happy Day blog? If not, take a peek at her epic playdate video here.


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