What Would Your Kids Say?

When my son started preschool, one of the teachers half-jokingly said "Don't believe everything your child tells you about us, and we won't believe everything they tell us about you."  I had to laugh, because sometimes, the world through a child's eyes can be quite amusing.

So, today, I'm going to give you a glimpse of my life through the eyes of my kids. Melinda from Look What Mom Found thought it would be fun to interview her kids and ask them questions about her. I was curious to see what my kids had to say, so I, along with a few other Philadelphia area bloggers, decided to join in and ask our kids too.

Here is what my kids had to say when I asked them about me:

What is my favorite t.v. show?
My 4-year-old: "Girl shows"  
My six-year-old: "Rachael Ray"

What is my favorite food?

My 4-year-old: "Zucchini"   
My six-year-old: "All of your dinners"

What is the most favorite thing I do for you?
My 4-year-old: "Help me open the garage"   
My six-year-old: "Put me to bed"

What makes me laugh?
My 4-year-old: "The joke: quacka-doodle-do"   My six-year-old: "If I tickle you"

If I had my own t.v. show, what would I be doing?
My 4-year-old: "Acting"  
My six-year-old: "Cooking & Travelling"

How are you and I the same?          
My 4-year-old: "We watch the same t.v. shows."   
My six-year-old: "We like the same food."

Where is my favorite place to go?
My 4-year-old: "The Herr's factory"   
My six-year-old: "The beach"

What Would Your Kids Say About You? Use these questions and interview your own kids and see what they have to say about you and your relationship. Check out the what the other bloggers kids said here.