Win 5 Cards from!

Today is my mom's blogging debut as she guest posts to tell you about's Valentine Cards.

Did you ever search for a greeting card but couldn't find one with the sentiment you were looking for? Valentines Day can be one of those holidays where you really want something personal and a store-bought card just won't do. Whether it's a card for my husband or my grandkids, I always like giving Valentine's card that truly conveys how I'm feeling.

I was completely in awe when I opened a Treat card, sent from my daughter.  It had a picture of myself and my 3 daughters taken a few days prior on the front of it and then a personal message written by her inside thanking me for a great family dinner.  Even on the back of the card it had a personal  touch.

When I went to the website, I learned that you can even include one of many gift cards with your card. You can make a card for as low as $1.99 and they send it to the recipient. So send a Valentine's card to someone special and enter the giveaway below to win 5 cards from




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