Sesame Place ~ A Very Furry Christmas Review

If you've ever been to Sesame Place, you already know that it's a popular destination for rides, water slides and entertainment during the summer months. But, now, it also transforms into a winter wonderland from late November through the end of December.

I wasn't sure what to expect when we went for 'A Very Furry Christmas'.  I knew it would be fun, but I was surprised that I actually preferred this more mellow, starlit version of Sesame Place compared to the hustle and bustle from our summer-time visit.  It was a great way to kick off the holiday season!

Decorations and large Christmas trees greeted us as we walked up the path. Once we passed through the gates, my kids quickly decided we should go on the Vapor Trail roller coaster. My 3 year old wanted to ride again and again (which we did.) And, my husband and I had just as much fun on this roller coaster as the kids. We were able to walk right onto the ride over and over again which was nice.  Let's face it, waiting in amusement park lines with kids is not fun, but all of the rides we went on had little or no wait.

We got caught up in the moment and made the mistake of spinning way to fast on Big Bird's Balloon Race.  We kept spinning, faster and faster, but when we returned to solid land we knew we should have slowed it down a little. The kids weren't phased by it at all, so they continued to hop from one ride to the next until it went dark and we decided it was time to grab a bite to eat.

After dinner, the park was beautifully lit up with Christmas trees in every color you could imagine, huge wreaths, and lots of other decorations. They have many different shows scattered throughout the day including the Neighborhood Street Party Christmas Parade and the 1-2-3 Christmas Tree Show. Both of these shows were filled with cheerful music and familiar Sesame Street characters which everyone really enjoyed. We also walked through Sesame Neighborhood and the kids were so excited as the faux snow fell from above.

The park was filled with perfect amount people and all of the employees were so helpful. It's not often that you see people who clearly enjoy their work and have a good time doing it. I was so impressed by the staff, and their energy rubbed off on the visitors. We felt so welcome and had a great time!

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