Minor League Baseball Games are Fun for Kids

Last night, I went to my first ever Minor League Baseball game in Wilmington, Delaware.  If you've never taken your kids to one of these games, you have to go!

My boys are 3 and 5, so sitting through several hours of baseball can be tough. That's why a Minor League game is perfect.  The venue was much smaller than a Major League stadium, so everyone there had good seats. The crowd was full of families with young children.  There was a moon bounce, a clown, on-field entertainment throughout the game to keep the kids entertained. My boys couldn't get enough of these dog riding monkeys who were at the game last night, too. Parking was free.  And, the tickets were a fraction of what it would have cost to go to a Phillies game.  To top it all off, at the end of the game their was a beautiful fireworks display right over the field, which was the perfect way to end the night.

Our spontaneous night out to see the Wilmington Bue Rocks was a success.  Especially since my kids were so exhausted that they both slept in their beds all night and didn't wake up once. : ) 

So, Minor League Baseball gets two thumbs up from this mom!  If you're looking for an entertaining night out with your family, you should definitely consider going to a Minor League Game.  It's extremely family friendly, affordable and FUN!