Bridgeport Speedway, NJ ~ Local Family Fun at the Racetrack

Growing up with two sisters meant that our house was full of Barbie dolls, pink hair bows and tu-tus. My sisters and I enjoyed tea parties, cherished our cabbage patch dolls and pretended to be princesses.  Now, things have changed. We're all moms to boys (not one baby girl between us) and we're embracing the world of dirt, super-heros, little league and race cars.

I think everyone in America has heard of NascarBut, did you know there are race tracks all over the country that showcase different types of racing every weekend during racing season? If you want to find a track near you, you can check the National Speedway Directory.

Thanks to my husband, my 5 year old has racing in his blood, and we've been going to races as long as I can remember. Bridgeport Speedway is one of our local favorites. At Bridgeport Speedway, you don't just watch the races.  Kids can meet the drivers and get autographs, get close up and touch the cars. They also have  kid-friendly events scheduled throughout the season, like big-wheel races and a money toss on the dirt track - which the kids loved!

Going to a local race track?  Here are a few tips for families:

  • Bring ear plugs or ear muffs to protect your ears. The roar of the engines can get pretty loud.
  • The speedways usually have a good selection of food and drinks, any many tracks also allow you to bring your own drinks and snacks in a small cool bag which can be helpful for parents of picky eaters.
  • You'll want to bring sunglasses to help protect your eye from the sun and the dust from the dirt track that can blow around sometimes.
  • Bring bug spray, just in case it's an extra buggy night.
  • Sometimes, evening races can run late at night. So, be prepared to leave early if your kids need to go to bed. Don't feel like you have to stay until the last feature race is over.
  • Bring a few extra dollars for souvenirs. Both of my son's love taking their checkered flags to the races. They can wave them while they're watching in the stands and then get the driver's autographs after each race. I think the flags are only about $3 each (at Bridgeport) and kid's love them!


So, if you're still looking for some more outdoor family fun this summer and early fall,

add 'Visit a Local Speedway' to your to-do-list!  Click here for a U.S. Race Track Locator.