Fishing with kids at the Newlin Grist Mill

I have to admit, I know nothing about fishing. And, there are some things that my boys love that I'll probably never understand. But, fishing is not one of them.  Pond fishing at the Newlin Grist Mill was something that we all loved!  They have a stocked Trout pond, so you don't need to know a darn thing about how to fish.  You just show up, pay, grab a pole and go!

If you're going to go fishing with kids, this is a great place to go.  Here's why:

1) They provide fishing poles for free.  It's basically just a large cane pole with some fishing line and a hook.  You don't need anything fancy.  This will do the trick.  Also, you don't need to worry about gross bait.  For $1, you could buy a small piece of yellow cheese that the trout love.

2) The water was pretty shallow.  This was good because we could actually see the fish, so we knew where to put our bait.  Kids are driven by their senses, so the fact that they could watch the fish swimming in the water made it even more exciting.

3) The fact that is was a very small pond also provided me with major peace of mind.  Being a mom, I'm always worried about kids being near water.  But, since the ponds were small and the water was pretty clear and shallow, I wasn't as worried as I would be near a huge deep pond, vast lake or the ocean.  It was the perfect size for us.

Our spur-of-the-moment family outing to the Newlin Grist Mill was a huge success! In about an hour and a half, we caught 4 trout, had a great time, and were one step closer to dinner. Win, win, win!