$9 for $20 Worth of Toys at YoYo.com (with promo code)

I was shopping this week and saw Christmas merchandise popping up on the shelves! I've already picked up a couple presents for each of my sons, but my Christmas shopping is far from over. So, when I saw a deal on Plum District for $20 worth of toys for only $10, I wanted to check it out.  After looking over the YoYo.com website, and reading the fine print of the Plum Steal, this deal got my thumbs up for 3 reasons:

1) They say ALL orders over $49 ship FREE!*  Shopping online is always more fun when you don't have to pay those pesky shipping fees.

2) I was also able to use the coupon code "fabulous" for an extra $1 off, which made this only $9. And, this coupon code looks like it's valid until February 2012.

3) When I was looking on the YoYo.com website, I saw the Stomp Rocket Ultra.  Have you ever seen a stomp rocket in action?  If not, here's the scoop:

Kids literally stomp on the launch pad which blasts air and propels the Stomp Rocket up to 200 feet high into the the air. It's the type of toy that many parents love as much as the kids. Plus some teachers use it to teach children ballistics, projection, force, and motion. And, it's battery free!

Being a mom of 2 boys who LOVE to play outside, this was on the top of my Christmas shopping list.  I've seen these stomp rockets in action a few times, and kids go crazy for them.  They are so simple, but shoot so high into the air. It might be the type of thing you have to see to understand.  Maybe the kids I know are just easily amused, but, I've never seen a kid who wasn't fascinated by one of these things. They are fun, fun, fun! 

*See YoYo.com for details / Referral link above.