family movie night

Family Movie Night... for FREE

Want to make movie night even better?

I love those self-service movie kiosks at the supermarket. It's so convenient to get dinner and entertainment all at once. But, no one wants to be the person standing at the kiosk for 5 minutes trying to pick a movie.

Did you know you can reserve your rentals online and get promo codes for free movies?  Here's the deal:

Redbox and  Blockbuster Express are two of the most popular brands. 

Their web sites let's you:

  • Find a kiosk near you.  Just type in your zip code & a map shows all the kiosks near you.
  • View the movie titles that are available at your location.  Or, search for a specific movie and see where it's available.
  • Reserve your movie online so that it's waiting at the kiosk for you. 

Right now, there are two FREE promotions that I want to share with you:

1) On August 25th, Redbox has declared it to be America's Movie Night. Just go to Redbox's Facebook Page and "like" them. Then, click on the "America's Movie Night" tab and you'll have the option to get a free rental for yourself or send one to a friend. Code will be valid on 8/25 for a 1-night standard DVD*.

2) Also, if you love Steve Carell, you can rent any one of his movies at Blockbuster Express for free. Just use code CARELL at checkout. Expires Midnight 8/26/11.*

You can also go to and look for additional promo codes for a free rental.  Or, try searching Google "Blockbuster Express Codes".  The rentals are usually inexpensive anyway, but free is even better!

*As usual, check the details and read the fine print for this and any other promotion.