How to make a Teddy Bear out of a Pipe Cleaner

This little pipe cleaner teddy bear will warm your heart.  This craft is easy, cheap, and kids will love the finished product.  It would be perfect for a girl scout group or a little girls birthday party activity. For parents of preschoolers, this is something you can make for your kids, but elementary school kids can probably do it all by themselves.

Here's How to Make a Teddy Bear from a Pipe cleaner:

First take 1 fluffy Pipe Cleaner (chenille stem) and a pair of scissors...

You cut off three peices from the pipe cleaner. 1 peice about 1.75 inches (the ears), 1 peice about 2.25 inches (the arms), and 1 peice about 3 inches (the legs). This will leave you with 4 peices total.  The final peice will be about 4.5 inches left for the body.  These are just estimates - it doesn't have to be perfect.

Then fold each ends (of the ears, arms and legs) to the middle, like this...

  Then, attach the legs to the bottom of the body by folding the pipe cleaner over the legs two times.

The, place the arms on top of the pipe cleaner (right above the legs) and fold it over again 2 times

Then, place the ears on top of the pipe cleaner (right above the arms) and fold it over one time.  But, this time, bring it down towards the belly of the bear.  Pull it under one arm, up the back, and over the  head.  This last little peice of pipe cleaner helps to form the face.










Then, just adjust the ears, arms, and legs to make him look cute. 

 You can add small beads for the eyes and ears.  I didn't have any that were small enough for this miniature bear, so we just used a little bit of glitter glue (which we had around the house).  My kids thought he was just the cutest little thing. 




Wouldn't this make the great little ornament, valentine or present topper?  Another fun idea is to keep the pre-cut peices in your purse.  Then, the next time you're out to dinner, and the kids are getting impatient, just whip up one of these little bears and watch their faces as they see you create a new little friend.

Such an easy craft for kids!