Easy Applesauce Cinnamon Ornament Recipe

Have you ever heard of Apple Cinnamon Ornaments? I just found out about these a few days ago and I am hooked!

Applesauce, Cinnamon, and white glue are combined to make ornaments that look exactly like gingerbread and smell unbelievable delicious. Of course, you can't eat them because of the glue, but the aroma alone is enough to make me happy - even without a bite.

Here are two tricks I learned while making these:

1) Cinnamon at the grocery store is EXPENSIVE.  I think it was almost $6.00 for a medium sized bottle. So, I went to Big Lots (a discount store) instead because I knew they would have cheap spices. And, I was right! I bought a few bottles of cinnamon for only $1.00 each.

2) I also learned that if you accidentally buy the chunky applesauce, this recipe WILL still work. Hallelujah! Once you mix it all together it all blends and you can't even tell it was chunky. And, this applesauce was on sale for only $1.25 each, so overall, this was a very inexpensive craft.

Continue here for the exact ingredients and directions on how to make these ornaments with your kids.

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