Fun ways to teach shapes & colors to children

Do your kids do awesome crafts and activities at school?  My childrens' teachers come up with some of the coolest ideas and it's fun to see what they're going to do next.  This week, my little guy was learning about shapes and colors.  Here's what he came home with...

Isn't it amazing that a popsicle stick and a piece of paper turn this bar of Ivory soap into a cool little boat that actually floats?  I love this craft for a few reasons.  1) All of the materials are probably in your house already. 2) It's pretty earth friendly because it's a craft that is very practical.  The bar of soap can be used at home.  The paper can be recycled (you could even use recycled paper to start with).  And, 3) It teaches your child about rectangles, triangles and lines, and hand-washing all at the same time.

My 3-year old wasn't in the mood to pose for a photo, so this teddy bear took his place.

The school also gave each child a cute sailor's hat from the Oriental Trading Company to go along with the theme.  They used different colored felt shapes to decorate their hats which helped them learn about patterns, shapes and colors.

  I was so inspired by their creations that I decided to turn our lunch into a learning exercise too.  We used some Hormel Pepperoni and made French bread pizza with pepperoni in the shapes of circles, squares and triangle. 

The kids actually made these pizzas all by themselves.  They spread the tomato sauce all over, threw on handfuls of shredded mozzarella, and put on the pepperoni.  I used to make pizza dough from scratch,  but I realized it is so much easier and to buy a loaf of crusty French bread.  It tastes just as good and it is so much less mess. The kids loved making the pizza just as much as eating it.  This was such a simple & fun way to learn about shapes and colors.

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