Fun for Kids Finds - The Messy Edition!

Happy Monday to you,

Happy Monday to you,

Here are my 'Fun for Kids' Finds,

And, I hope you like them too!

This weeks picks are all about letting your kids enjoy mess.  It's funny how new moms are so paranoid about cleanliness.  But, after a while, you realize that kids get dirty.  It's part of life, and there is nothing you can do about it.  Just go with the flow.  Let your kids get bubbles on their hands, let them squish up cornstarch packing peanuts, and get a little dirty.  That's what being a kid is all about!

Packing Peanut Play by Housing a Forest opened my eyes to many things you can do with packing peanuts.  You could probably spend an entire afternoon entertaining the kids with these, and they would love every second of it. Just worry about the mess later.

Creativity My Passion paired a cute book, a fun toddler activity and cleaning soft toys.

Talk about multi-tasking!

Imagination Soup used a recycled gardening kit to learn about growing plants and the patience it requires.    Also, enter her giveaway to win a indoor gardening  kit from Green Ostrich. Contest ends April 9, 2011.

Thanks again to everyone who participated in Fun for Kids Friday!  My co-host, Smile Monsters, will also be featuring a few of her favorites here! Go check them out.