Black Friday is almost here! I am still deciding which option I'll pick this year...

Scenario # 1: Wake up at 1am, get a pair of comfy shoes on, drive in the dark to my favorite store, wait in line with lots of other delirious women, maybe get a freebie or two, and run toward some of hottest deals of the season.

Then, there is..

Scenario # 2: Stay curled up in a warm bed, wake up when my kids do, stroll to the kitchen for a cup of coffee, then pop open the laptop and buy some gifts that will conveniently be delivered to my door. 

What's your style?  Actually... both options sound good to me right now.  But, no matter what, I will defintitely be scoping out the best deals from the top retailers. 

In order to save time, I put together a list of quick links to some of the most popular stores:




Toys R Us

Best Buy




Costco Photographer: Simon Howden