A Safe Holiday Season = A Fun Holiday Season

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Holiday Safety Tips from Dr. Antonio Caceres

Dr. Antonio Caceres of Geneva's New Beginnings Pediatrics shares some safety tips to help ensure that your family enjoys a happy and safe holiday season.

Photo by ume-y on Flickr.Toy Safety: 

  • Some toys may pose as a choking hazard for children. This is especially true to kids under 3 years of age. Children under age 8 years can choke and suffocate on un-inflated or broken balloons. Remove strings and ribbons from toys before giving then to young children.
  • Magnets and button batteries can have serious complications such as esophageal and stomach perforations, including death if swallowed. Keep them away from young children and call your doctor immediately if your child swallows one.
  • To prevent both burns and electrical shocks, avoid giving young children under age 10 years a toy that must be plugged into an electrical outlet. Instead buy toys that are battery operated.

 Food Safety:

  • Wash your hands frequently especially if handling foods. Make sure your kids do the same.
  • Fully cook poultry and meats, and wash fruits and vegetables thoroughly.
  • Always keep raw foods and cooked foods separately, and use separate utensils when preparing them.
  • Be sure to keep hot liquids and foods away from the edges of counters and tables, where they can be easily knocked over by a young child’s exploring hands.
  • Foods that require refrigeration should never be left at room temperature for more than 2 hours.


  • Make sure the flue is open. Remove all decorations, papers, and boughs from the fireplace area before lighting any fire.
  • Do not burn gift wrapping papers in the fireplace. This may result in a flash fire because wrappings may ignite suddenly and cause burns.

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