The things kids REALLY play with...

Did you ever give your child a toy and they preferred the package instead of the actual toy itself?  Kids prove that "One Man's Trash is another Man's Treasure"

One Christmas, my kids and their cousins were together for a family Pollyanna.  They had some of the coolest toys under the Christmas tree.  They opened up all of their presents with excitement.  We unwrapped the presents and waited with anticipation as we watched the kids.  They play with the toys a little bitThen, what did they do for the next hour?  Played with a spool of ribbon that they found around the house. 

Their new favorite toy consisted of about 3 feet of ribbon attached to the cardboard cylinder. The giggles were non-stop as they pretended that this was a dog on a leash.  The spool of ribbon was given a name, almost treated like royalty, and got their undivided attention as though it was the hottest toy on the market!

We see it all the time.  They have some really cool bath toys too.  But what do they fight over?  The empty shampoo bottle!  They have a play room that could easily double as a toy shop.  Yet, on a daily basis, they generally stick with one or two favorites and ignore the rest. 

If you are a parent, this probably doesn't surprise you.  Although, my kids will be spoiled with presents on Christmas morning, sometimes I think that these new toys are completey over-rated. 

Kids have the most unbelievable imaginations, and that is what I love watching them use the most! / Photographer: Idea go