Kid Gifts

The things kids REALLY play with...

Did you ever give your child a toy and they preferred the package instead of the actual toy itself?  Kids prove that "One Man's Trash is another Man's Treasure"

One Christmas, my kids and their cousins were together for a family Pollyanna.  They had some of the coolest toys under the Christmas tree.  They opened up all of their presents with excitement.  We unwrapped the presents and waited with anticipation as we watched the kids.  They play with the toys a little bitThen, what did they do for the next hour?  Played with a spool of ribbon that they found around the house. 

Their new favorite toy consisted of about 3 feet of ribbon attached to the cardboard cylinder. The giggles were non-stop as they pretended that this was a dog on a leash.  The spool of ribbon was given a name, almost treated like royalty, and got their undivided attention as though it was the hottest toy on the market!

We see it all the time.  They have some really cool bath toys too.  But what do they fight over?  The empty shampoo bottle!  They have a play room that could easily double as a toy shop.  Yet, on a daily basis, they generally stick with one or two favorites and ignore the rest. 

If you are a parent, this probably doesn't surprise you.  Although, my kids will be spoiled with presents on Christmas morning, sometimes I think that these new toys are completey over-rated. 

Kids have the most unbelievable imaginations, and that is what I love watching them use the most! / Photographer: Idea go

5 Gift Ideas for Kids that Have Everything


The days of trying to poke each of your kids' little fingers into their gloves are over!  These Convertible Mittens from the Gap make it easy for kids to get their fingers into their finger less gloves and then quickly switch it to a super soft & cozy mitten.  Kids love the fact that they can do it by themselves, and so do moms!  At the moment, we have one pair of these in my house,  but Santa will definitely be bringing more.


You probably already know that your kids would NOT be excited about receiving undershirts or socks for Christmas. But, what if you paired it with a tye dye kit?  They would have so much fun getting creative with their colors, and take pride in wearing their own creations.


Has your kid gone through the 'Rain Boot phase' yet?  My son got the cutest Kidorable rain boots when we were expecting my second, and it was wonderful because he got just as much attention as the new baby.  People were always complimenting him on his eye-catching Kidorable boots!  Some kids will wear them every day no matter what the weather!

4) A BACKYARD TOOL SET has a great backyard tool set for kids.  It's really nice quality and kids' will love shadowing their parents by helping out in the yard.  At my house, we love Toysmiths Kid's Big Tool Set which includes: a rake, shovel, hoe and leaf rake.  They are very realistic, so they should be used with adult supervision, but can provide hours of fun for your little gardener.


Personalized items are a great gift for kids. Whether you want a snuggly blanket for a baby or a backpack for your 7 year old, there are so many options. The Disney Store, LL Bean & Lillian Vernon are just a few great web sites for personalized kid stuff.


What would you get for the kid that has everything? Photographer: Clare Bloomfield / Welly Contemplation

Photo Frame

Need a great Christmas gift for a preschooler?

Check out the Vtech KidiLook Digital Photo Frame.  It's bright, stylish, and it stores up to 100 digital photos.   

It features:

  • A built-in motion sensor
  • Real digital clock display
  • Kids can create their own story with their photos
  • Easy one-click download

*Bonus for mom and dad* This will be a great quiet gadget to keep the kids busy in the car, while on the way to all of those holiday get togethers!