Recipe Disasters, Reindeer Sounds, The Class Pet, Winter Car Safety Tips from 'Local Fun' Moms

Cheerio Christmas trees sound like an easy recipe for the Kindergarten class, right?  But, I think the title of this article from Jersey Family Fun says it all... "When Good Recipes Go Bad." I think this is something everyone can relate to. Jennifer tells us about her recipe disaster and wants to hear yours.

Have you ever wondered what sound a Reindeer makes? Sounds Fun Mom has been thinking about this and has some ideas about Reindeer Sounds.

Birmingham Mom knows a thing or two about being "suckered" into hosting a furry little friend for the holidays.  Check it out here in her article "Sucker Moms: Are You Housing the Class Pet Over the Holidays?"

Christmas time can be hectic.  And, the last thing any parent needs is to be stranded in the Winter weather with a car full of children.  So, Springfield Moms tells you what you need to know about preparing your vehicle for winter, road-side emergency preparedness, and safe driving.  Take care of your precious cargo with these Winter car safety tips!

Photographer: dan