Traveling with Kids? Use Blogs to Plan your Getaway

Traveling with kids can be exciting and exhausting, and, as a Mom, I always want to be prepared. I've been using local resources for nearby weekday adventures with my little ones. But, in the past, I would check Trip Advisor and other big travel sites to help research our vacations before we went away.  But, this year is different.  I'm using blogs.  Why?  Because everything is so much easier when you get advice from a local mom who knows your destination like the back of her hand!

Last year, we traveled to the Hilton Head, SC area and we had a blast bike-riding, going to the beach and taking the kids on a boat.  But,  I remember thinking 'I wish there were some more  things to do with kids to do around here.'  Then, a year later, I came across Southern Mamas website and was completely blown away by the endless amount of activities for families and kids in the Low-country area.  This would have been an amazing resource for my husband and I as we were planning our trip.  It has all of the best activities, events and resources for parents in the Low-country and it's all written from a mom's perspective.  If only I had known about it a year earlier!

This year I have no excuses.  I'm looking forward to planning some Spring and Summer day trips using the Best Blogs for Local Fun Guide.  And, for our Spring vacation to Disney World, there are so many amazing blogs written by moms that are dedicated to helping parents navigate their way through the Disney attractions as smoothly as possible (see my post here).  It's kind of empowering to know I have the inside scoop from these blogging Moms.  

But, it doesn't matter if your traveling across the country or just having a spontaneous day trip with your family. Blogs can help make your trip a little bit easier.  Just Remember: When you're traveling with kids you have to expect the unexpected and when the going gets really tough - laugh it off!

Are you planning any fun getaways this Spring or Summer?

What's your favorite Destination for your family?

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Photo Courtesy of: Robert Trueman Photography