Weekly Blog Round Up of 'Local Fun' Moms

A day in the life of a SuperMom - by The Ohana Mama - We've all been there.  You know... the days when you forget show-and-tell, left the diaper bag at home, or your kid got soaked sliding on a wet slide at the playground and the only thing you have in the car is a pair of snowpants (well, maybe that last one is just me...)  but these things happen to the best of us! Ohana Mama can relate.  Read all about it here. 

Things to Make - Salty Watercolors & Water Painting - by No Monsters in My Bed, DC-  This is an easy activity you can do with your kids at home.  All you need is watercolor paint or food coloring, white glue, table salt, a pan or platter, and thick paper or cardboard. Here are all of the details on how to make Salty Watercolor paintings with your kids. 

Home Made Mac & Cheese - by The Big Binder, MI-  I was watching a little bit of the Biggest Loser last night and Macaroni and Cheese was one of contestants' favorite food.  As I was watching, I was thinking how the boxed mac and cheese didn't look tasty enough to tempt me.  However, this mac & cheese recipe on The Big Binder sounds amazing!  There is even a word of warning that "It is dangerous" and "Do not plan on left overs!"  If you're on a diet, please forget you ever read this.  But, if not... here is the recipe.

4 Easy Ways to Save on Children’s Clothing - by Atlanta with Kid- A lot of moms use clearance and consignment shopping to save on kids clothes.  But, this post from Atlanta with Kid shares a couple other ideas that I've never heard of such as OutGrowingIn.com and Thred Up Clothes Swapping website.  Check out the details here.

Homemade French Bread Recipe by Iowa Moms - Before I had kids, going to the store to buy a loaf of French bread was easy.  But, once you have a kids, things change.  There have been so many times I didn't make it to the grocery store because my kids were napping, sick, just plain cranky, or all of the above!  So, the thought of staying home and making bread might actually be an easier alternative than running to the store. Here is Iowa Mom's easy recipe for making French bread at home.

Photo by Tina Phillips @ http://www.freedigitalphotos.net