Homemade Popsicles: A Recipe for Summer Fun!

I don't care what the calendar says... SUMMER IS HERE!

It is so hot outside that a day doesn't go by that we're not eating popsicles in my house.  Actually, my 3-year old is a popsicle fanatic, so he was eating popsicles all winter long.  But, now, we're all joining him. 

Yesterday, I used banana dan-o-nino yogurt by Dannon, slices of banana, and mini chocolate chips to make these popsicles. 

I just layered the yogurt, banana slices and mini chocolate chips in the dan-o-nino cup, poked in a popsicle stick, and froze them.  It tastes just like a chocolate covered banana and it is so good!

My friend Jo from Smile Monsters is on a mission to make mouth-watering popsicles all summer long.  She has already come up with some yummy creations, including Rootbeer float on a stick.

Doesn't that sound so good right now? Jo's recipe is very simple and these popsicles look so amazing. And... if you really want to get all root-beered-out... you could make my Root Beer Pulled Pork on the same day.  Why not get in the spirit and cook up an entire Root Beer themed dinner? (just kidding)

If root beer isn't your cup of tea... Jo's Coconut Cream Popsicles look just as good. 

As I'm writing this, I am starting to wish that Jo lived closer to me so that I could sample some of the cool popsicles she's dreaming up this summer.  Keep checking here for all of Jo's popsicle creations in addition to an ongoing link-up of Popsicle Recipes from across the blogosphere.

Keep cool everyone!