Military Divorce Prevention: Finally Home to Family

Don't you love turning on the news and seeing American troops returning home to their friends and families? It's so heart-warming to see everyone happily reunited. It's something that we see in the media pretty often, but we often don't see the challenges that face these men and women when they return home.

I was surprised when I recently learned that military divorces have increased 42% since 2001, and the divorce rate of service members is about 9% higher than that of civilian couples. But, fortunately, military couples can get immediate assistance including practical advice and free resources to help them if they're having a tough time.

"Finally Home to Family is a grassroots campaign raising awareness about the challenges confronting military families. The goal is to raise funding for military couples to attend marriage seminars enrichment events presented by FamilyLife® in hopes of protecting their marriages and families."

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