How to Get a Pinterest Invitation

By now, you've either heard about Pinterest, or you're "pinning" almost every day.  For me, it's the best way to organize all of the ideas I find online. I think it's funny when I hear women say they don't "have time" to sign up for one more thing on the computer.  In my opinion, Pinterest is a time saver.  You're not wasting time trying to find that text bookmark somewhere on your computer, and it's a great reference site for the best of the best crafts, decorating ideas, recipes, party themes and more.

If you want an invite to Pinterest, just click here to send me a message via my contact form, and I'll send you a Pinterest invitation. 

Here are some of the latest and greatest ideas I've found on Pinterest:

Wouldn't your kids LOVE these doughnut hole snowmen? Image source




          Make thumb-print heart charms out of homemade clay.


Source: via Jess on Pinterest










Have your child's teacher secretly sign "Oh, the places you'll go" every year from Kindergarton to

High School and give it to them at their graduation.