When My Money Flew Away

Here's the story.  I'll try to make it short and sweet.

The story starts in the Wawa parking lot as I'm about to go and buy a gallon of milk.  I parked my car and then reached in my purse to grab a $20 bill.  As I quickly open the door with my money, somehow, the money flies out of my hand.  I knew I had it, and then, in an instant, it's gone.  It's dark outside, so I couldn't see too much.  I look down near my feet.  No money.  I look under my car.  No money.  I look behind my car.  You guess it... no money. I looked back in the car. No money there either.

I notice a car on the opposite side of the parking lot with 2 teenagers inside and a teenage boy outside of the car talking to the passengers.  I start to feel a little self conscious, because I can tell they're watching me. I see them staring at me. They probably think I'm on drugs or something because I look completely perplexed as I look under the car, in the car, next to the car.  But, $20 is worth looking for, right?

So, just as I'm about to give up, the teenage boy yells: "Hey, did you drop some money? It's behind the rear right tire." 

And, there it was. 

So, teenage boy...  whoever you are...  I said "thank you" in the parking lot, but I am thanking you again on this blog (which I'm sure you'll never read.)  But, I sincerely appreciate your honesty.  It's nice to know that there are still good people who are willing to help a total stranger.  One little act of kindness can make a huge difference.

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