Organizing The Family Calendar 2012

In an effort to simplify 2012, I'm making things even more complicated.

Instead of having just one calendar, I'm having 4. I mentioned in my previous post how I love using the new Google calendar, but I still can't let go of my good ol' traditional paper calendar too. And, I'm trying something new this year by giving both of my son's their own personal calendar too. 

My little guy used to wake up every morning and ask "What are we going to do today?" Now, ever since he started preschool in September, he wakes up and asks "Do I have school today?" Even though he's been going the same 3 days since the start of the school year, he still needs extra reassurance about this routine. He's trying so hard to understand his new school schedule, and I think having his own personal calendar will help tremendously.

Do you have any other ideas or tips for helping kids with their schedule or routine?