Easy Classroom Party Food Idea

I'm so happy that schools across the country are taking the initiative to try and fight childhood obesity. This past week, I needed to bring in a healthy snack for my son's classroom, and, I came up with an idea for a simple classroom snack that satisfied the kids and made my life a lot easier!

My son wanted to bring grapes and strawberries for his classmates. But, how  do you 1) pack a healthy snack for 18 kids, 2) get it all to school in a simple way and 3) portion it all out so you don't have to fuss with it once you get into the classroom?

Easy... Use your cupcake carrier!

I have a two layer cupcake carrier which holds 24 cupcakes. Instead of filling it up with cupcakes, I filled plain paper muffin liners with fresh grapes and a strawberry for each child. This was so easy to prepare, everything got to the school in tact and the kids really enjoyed it.

Motherhood is filled with challenges, so it's always nice when you have an idea that just clicks.

It's simple, healthy and it works!