Healthy Party Food Ideas & Wegman's Catering

What do you think of when you hear the phrase "party food?"

A few of the things that pop into my head are: meatballs, potato salad, deli trays, pasta salad, and spinach dip. These are all things I enjoy eating, but the calories can add up quick! So, I was pleasantly surprised with the party trays at my nephew's recent birthday party. My sister used Wegman's for most of the catering, and the food was healthy and delicious!

Oh the sushi! I don't know why sushi isn't a staple of every party. My six year old and I love to have little lunch dates where we share sushi together. My husband and little guy don't share this passion, so when my 6 year old and I have a chance to share sushi together, it's always special. We were both excited to see the sushi tray at the party!

In the winter, we don't grill very often, so seeing this colorful tray of grilled veggies made my mouth water. I was trying to stay away from the pasta salad, potato salad and bread, so I ate some of this instead. The grilled carrots before were even delicious. Yum. Yum. Yum. 

There was also a gorgeous fresh veggie tray from Wegman's. My mom made a pasta salad similar to one I made last summer, which was a Greek inspired orzo salad with spinach, tomatoes, olive and fresh oregano. Last, but not least, my sister baked a batch of healthy brownies (a.k.a. black bean brownies). My little guy absolutely LOVES these, and, I still have not met a child that didn't like these brownies!

What are some of your favorite party foods? Do you have any unique ideas for kid-friendly party food?  Leave me a comment and let me know.