The Art of Marriage Ops: $20 Applebees Gift Card Giveaway

When I watched the video below, I started to tear up. Just this past weekend, I was talking with a friend who is 7 months pregnant and she is anxiously awaiting the return of her husband who is serving abroad.  Just like her husband, there are so many service men and women who leave their precious families to protect our country. No matter how strong they are, it's not easy.

Did you or someone you love serve in the military? The Art of Marriage Ops event aims to help our men and women in the military by strengthening their marriages. But, it’s not just military men and women who could use a little extra help. Check out the widget below for five great inspirational date ideas that will help bring you closer to your partner and other ideas to help spread the word about this project! Then, go to my reviews and giveaways page where you can enter to win a $20 Applebees Gift Card thanks to The Art of Marriage.