Weight Loss: Rockin' a Bikini by August?

While we were away on vacation, my son asked if I would be wearing a bikini by August.  Although, I wish I could say "Yes," it's highly unlikely that I will be anywhere near a bikini this summer. But, even buying a smaller bathing suit (without one of those little skirts) would make me SO happy!

My son has always been extremely detail oriented and, as he gets older, it's something I've come to appreciate. He's probably the most organized person in our household. He takes such good care of his things. On a different level, he's also very socially aware and compassionate, and he knows I'm on a mission to lose weight. 

I try not to talk about weight loss in front of my boys too much, but, they notice that I may be skipping certain things at dinner and exercising more.  While we were away on vacation, I didn't stress about diet or exercise, so I was just happy to keep off the weight that I lost on my DietBet.

But, it's already starting to get warm here in the Philly suburbs and it's a huge wake up call that summer is quickly approaching. The first 10 pounds were pretty easy to lose.  Now it's time to start changing my eating habits, increasing my exercise and really trying to make some more progress before summer.  I'm going to be trying a new diet soon (which I'll be blogging about along the way). 

It's definitely not easy, but I'm determined to make it happen.

“Why choose to fail when success is an option?”

- Jillian Michaels