5 Reasons Why I Like Using Spray Paint On Old Toys

Maybe I'm too easily amused, but I think it's amazing how a little bit of spray paint, can transform an old toy in a matter of seconds.

Yesterday, my boys were gardening and soon found themselves fighting over a rake. We actually have two kid-size rakes, but one is shiny and new and the other one was old, bent and rusty. It still worked fine, but the kids both preferred the new rake.  So, we went to the garage, grabbed two cans of spray paint.  After less than a minute of spray painting, the the old wooden handle became shiny silver, and metal prongs were painted shiny black. It was simple, cheap and solved our little dilemma.

This isn't the first time that spray paint saved the day. I've also used it to spruce up other outdoor toys like hockey sticks and dump trucks that were looking shabby. Time after time, the results have been great. 

Here are 5 Reasons Why I Like Using Spray Paint to Spruce up Old Toys.

  1. Spray paint is cheap.  I've seen it at stores for under $2 a can.
  2. Spray paint dries really quickly. My son's rake air dried in the hot sun for about ten minutes and then it was ready to use again.
  3. It's fun to watch toys transform. Many kids tend to have a short attention span, but spray painting has got to be the quickest way to transform an old toy into like-new condition.
  4. There are so many different types of spray paint.  Th cheapest spray paint comes in basic colors, but you can also get plastic fusion spray paint, metallic spray paint, glow in the dark spray paint, and other types too.
  5. In a world of reducing, reusing & recycling, it teaches kids that there are other options instead of just throwing away toys that don't look good anymore.

Obviously, you wouldn't want to do this for toys that a young child may put in their mouth and you always want to read the directions and precautions on the can of spray paint. I'm not a DIY expert - just a mom trying to keep my kids happy and save some money too.

Have you ever used spray paint to revitalize old toys?


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