Win a Bouquet of Handmade Paper Flowers

My husband and I always joke that there's no point in having nice things in the house with two young children running around. Yet, my lack of interior design skills isn't helping the matter. You would think that if someone is creative and crafty they might have at least a smidgen of talent when it comes to interior decorating. Nope. Not me. That is why I truly admire people who have a real, natural talent for home design. Denise, from The Painted Home is one of those people.  

Denise has fabulous ideas for interior design and works magic in her clients' homes in the Philadelphia area. Not only is Denise extremely talented at design, but she's also an amazing crafter. I recently learned how to make these charming paper flowers during an in-person tutorial with Denise when she brightened up a Plum District luncheon with dozens of multi-colored paper flowers.

In an upcoming post, I'm going to show you how to make these gorgeous flowers.  But, before I do, Denise is offering to send one of my lucky readers a bouquet of paper flowers that she has made.  Keep them for yourself or send them to a friend to brighten their day.

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