Blog Round-Up from 'Local Fun' Moms

Celebrity Wines: Dave Matthews’ Blenheim Vineyards - by LaJollaMom - Until I read this blog post by LaJolla Mom, I had no idea that Dave Matthews and his family own a Virginia based winery that produces great tasting wine.  See... You learn something new every day!  LaJolla Mom is extremely well informed about wine.  If you want to read the rest of her review and check out her other posts about a beverage that many mommies love (wine), you'll want to continue here to her blog.

Feeding Healthy Families: Going Global - by Stacey Krawcyzk / Chambana Moms - At my house, we definitely eat globally.  My kids don't have a choice.  I love all types of cuisine and on any given night we could be eating a meal inspired by India, Thailand, England, China, or Germany.  Last night, I made a Chinese inspired dinner and placed it in front of my little guy (who just turned 3).  He took one look at it and said "Yuck".  I told him to try it and then I just walked away. The next thing I knew, half of his dinner was gone.  I didn't feed into his first impression, and he loved his meal.  This blog post, Feeding Healthy Families: Going Global,  on Chambana Moms, talks about what Moms can do to broaden their children's palette and experiment with new foods at home.  Plus, there is also a recipe for Mexican Green Chile Pork Posole which I definitely would like to try. You can find it all here.

Letter From A BronxMama: Winter Blues - by Nadia Moxam / Bronx Mama - It's mid-February, and chances are you've already been hit by at least 1 snow storm (maybe 4 or 5). But, this short post is a reminder from one Mom to another, not to let the 'Winter Blues' get to you.  If you could use a reminder to perk up a bit, smile, and enjoy your kids, take 30 seconds to read this post.

Join in the Great Backyard Bird Count - by Sounds Fun Mom -  Kids, get ready to count some birds!  Seriously... Feb 18th through Feb 21st is the "Great Backyard Bird Count" and Sounds Fun Mom has the scoop.  This is an annual even that anyone can do.  It's a fun way to teach the kids about nature and science, and it can be a good activity if you're stuck at home sick since you don't even need to leave the house. Check it out here.