Label Your Kid's Stuff With Mabel's Labels

When you have a child in school or daycare, it's important that they come back with everything you sent them with, so labelling everything properly is a must!

Years ago, when my son went to daycare for the first time, it was really important to me to make sure he had everything he needed to make him comfortable and happy, including: extra clothes, blankets, and his bottles. I knew his stuff wouldn't get mixed up with any other child's stuff because I decided to get some dishwasher & washing machine safe labels. This stuff is expensive and I'd much rather spend a little bit of money to label everything instead of contantly buying replacements.

Getting these labels was one of the best things I ever did because it gave me peace of mind that my baby was getting his bottles and all of his favorite things while he was there.  Since everything was clearly marked with his unique labels with his name, I knew his bottles, blankets, and other baby gear wouldn't get mistaken as someone elses stuff. Now that my kids are older, it's still top priority to properly label their gear.

This year, we got Mabel's Labels for all of my son's back-to-school stuff. They make wonderful labels that are extremely durable, dishwasher & laundry safe, high resolution, and customizable to your needs.

Award-winning Mabel’s Labels is the leading provider of personalized labels for kids and adults. Their custom labels include sticky labels for clothing, personalized stickers for tweens, school labels, name labels, iron-on clothing labels/name tags, book plates, label stickers/adhesive labels for the home, and children’s labels for look-alike items sent to school, daycare or camp.

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Disclosure: Thanks to Mabel's Labels for providing labels to review.