Take a Child Outside Week: September 24th - 30th

Here in the Philadelphia area, this is the ideal time to celebrate Take a Child Outside Week! Today was cool, but not too cool, and sunny, but not too sunny. It was the perfect fall day for playing outside. My 4-year-old spent time playing with friends, digging in the dirt, and pretending he was a fireman. My 6-year-old spent some quiet time swinging on the playset and relaxing after a busy day at school. 

Without knowing it, we were celebrating Take a Child Outside Week. It's an initiative by the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences "designed to help break down obstacles that keep children from discovering the natural world." The goal is to "help children across the country develop a better understanding and appreciation of the environment in which they live, and a burgeoning enthusiasm for its exploration."

Sometimes, when my little guy is out playing, he surprises me with a flower that he picked from the garden. That always makes my day! Do your kids love playing outside too? What's your favorite thing to do outside with your kids?