Local Fun Mom Blogs: Discovery Toy Giveaway, How to make Bubbles and More!

It's been a while since I've shared some of my favorite blog posts from 'Local Fun' Moms.  And, let me tell you, these Moms are really stepping up their game!  There are so many great blog posts to talk about, but here's a small sample of what's been going on across the country...

Louisville Family Fun has a Giveaway that anyone in the U.S. can enter.  You have a chance to win a $40 voucher to purchase any Discovery Toy of your choice (just pay shipping)  Simply comment on their blog post letting them know which toy you would love to see your child playing with! This contest will end on Thursday March 31st at midnight.


Sprout TV, It's a Philly Thing! - Frugal Philly Mom - My kids cannot get enough of Sprout - they love it!  A few months ago, when my son was under the weather, he made it his ultimate goal to get one of his online creations featured on The Sunny Side Up Show.  It never happened and he's still trying. So, he would be SO jealous if he knew Frugal Philly Mom and her family got to go to the studio and check out the set of The Sunny Side Up Show in Philadelphia, which she blogged recently.

Make a Free Planter at Home Depot - Free Fun in Austin - Looking for a fun, free activity this weekend? On Saturday, April 2nd from 9am to Noon, you can take your kids to your local Home Depot for free workshop to build a planter.  I know that the Lowe's workshop make you register in advance, but I don't think you need to do that for Home Depot.  Just call your local Home Depot store to confirm that they are having this event.

Bubble Bubble, It's No Trouble - My 3 year old has just as much fun dumping the bubbles as blowing them.  But, Sounds Fun Mom gives us the scoop on how to make home-made bubbles with a corn syrup based recipe. This might be a less expensive and easier alternative than buying new bubbles every week at the store. 

Here are some other posts from 'Local Fun' Moms to check out:

What Epidural? - Charlotte Smarty Pants - One Mom's take on the "Ring of Fire" and why you should take the epidural as soon as someone offers it.

Bath & Body Works Foaming Soap - Marana Moms - Do you have a favorite at Bath & Body Works, but can't find foaming soap in the coordinating scent.  Here's how to make it yourself.

Connecting With Other Kids: Is a playdate Necessary? - AK On the Go - This blog post talks about the pros and cons of pre-scheduling play dates for the kiddos while on travel. It's something I've never thought about before, but apparently it's a new trend.

10 Essentials - Spring is here, but for some of us, it's still a little colder than we'd like it to be.  This blog post by Skedaddle has everything you need to know about trekking into the wilderness with your little ones.

I hope you enjoy these posts.  If you're a 'Local Fun' Mom and have a great post that you want me to share, just email me here, and maybe I can feature you next week!