Resources For Tick & Splinter Removal, Sun Protection & Water Safety

As much as I love summer play, I dislike some of the other things that come along with it, like sunburn, ticks, and splinters. As a mom, it's my job to help keep my kids safe and healthy which can be a challenge when they're outside laying in the grass, climbing trees, and playing at the beach. But, I found a bunch of helpful online resources that I want to share.

What's the best way to protect your child from the sun?  

The American Academy of Pediatrics answers this question and more on their website. They give advice on How to pick sunscreen, Sunscreen for babies, and  How to apply sunscreen.  If your child does get sunburn, has some great advice on what to do.

What do I need to know about Water Safety?

If your kids are going to be anywhere near the pool or beach this summer, you'll want to check out this information from The National Drowning AlliancePool Safety TipsHow to escape a rip current and other beach related dangers, and Simple Steps to Safer Pools. 

What do you do if you find a tick on your child?

So far, we've been tick-free this spring and summer. But, if you do find a tick on yourself or your child, so this video from the CDCHow to remove a tick will definitely come in handy.

Do my kids really need to wear sunglasses?

Whether your child has absolutely perfect vision or wears glasses, protecting his/her vision should be a top priority.  The Prevent Blindness America / Star Pupils website tells you exactly what you need know know to protect your child's eyes from the sun. For example, did you know that kids should be wearing sunglasses and a hat to block harmful UV rays when they're outside?

What do you do if your child has a splinter?

When my son got his first splinter, I was probably more upset than he was, so it was a relief when it finally came out on its own.  But, Seattle Children's Hospital website is a helpful source for anyone curious about what to do if your child has a splinter.

No matter how many times I read about these topics, it's always a nice to freshen up on some of the basic details. Do you have any helpful tips for summer or helpful go-to web sites?