What To Do With Kids During Summer Break

I don't think parenting is ever going to be easy, but I'm beginning to feel like we're getting into a nice groove. My kids are at the ages where, for me, things are starting to get a bit easier. I know what types of activities make my them happy and when everyone needs to take a break and just chill out. 

We've found some really amazing places to explore locally, and we're still going on new adventures too. Here are 10 things that we'll be doing this summer. Some of these ideas might work for you too!

1) Take the train or trolley somewhere special. If you're like us, and don't usually take public transportation, this is really exciting for a kid. Hop on the train or trolley and explore a new playground, go for a walk in a new area or have a picnic in a nearby park.

2) Go to an indoor playground.  Many indoor playgrounds have special days with reduced admission and they're the perfect place for kids to run around during a rainy summer day.

3) Watch some hockey or figure skating at a local ice rink.  I don't know why more parents don't take advantage of the entertainment at ice rinks.  Whenever we stop by our local ice rink there's always something to watch and 99.9% of the time, there's no admission fee. My boys could watch a hockey game, or hockey practice, for an hour or two. Even if they get a treat from from the snack bar, it's still a very cheap outing and they really enjoy it.

4) Go bowling on a rainy day.  Don't forget that Kids Bowl Free all summer long.

5) If bowling isn't your thing, why don't you try Roller Skating?  This year, there's a new Kid's Skate Free Program and it's growing fast!

6) Take advantage of programs at your local library.  Read Here: Ten reasons why your local library is perfect place for summer fun.

7) Get out and explore nature at a a local State Park or Arboretum . The shade from the trees will help keep you cool, and, my kids always enjoy being in such a hands-on environment where they can run around and touch everything around them.

8) Splash around at a local beach, nearby lake, pool or water-park.

9) Learn something new at a nearby museum. Did you know that Target sponsors free or reduced admission days all across the U.S.? Read all about here: Free or Reduced Admission Museum Days by Target

10) Last, but not least... find a local blog with more family friendly activities.

On a hot summer day, there are really lots of options for beating the heat and getting out of the house.

What's your favorite place to go in the summer?