Scott Shared Values: FREE $5 Amazon Promo Code


I grew up in a very Scott loyal household. My parents always bought Scott toilet paper, and when I finally bought a house of my own, naturally, I did the same. My husband and I will always remember the day my Grandmom brought over a huge pack of Scott t.p. as part of a housewarming gift. We all had a good laugh!

Now, Scott has a new consumer rewards program that I want to share with you. As soon as I signed up, I was rewarded with a FREE admission ticket to a local zoo. This one reward alone made it worth signing up, but, then, I was also able to get an offer code for $5 to spend on Amazon MP3's too.

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By signing up for the Shared Values program, you'll receive a coupon for immediate savings, get new coupons each month and you get rewarded for sharing! When you sign up and share the values with others, you will have access to a $1.25 coupon.

But wait, there's more.... Throughout November, Scott Shared Values is helping you make a difference for your children’s school. You can receive five eBox Tops just for being a Scott Shard Values member. Plus, your school will automatically be entered for a chance to win 250,000 eBox Tops! How cool would it be to win that?

Please take a minute to sign up below and gain access to a variety of rewards from the Scott Brand, including access to high-value coupons and some really special offers.

I participated in a campaign on behalf of for Scott. I received a promotional item as a thank-you for participating and am able to earn additional rewards throughout the campaign.