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Stocking Up on Family Necessities #ScottValues #Cbias

My sister smiled when she heard that I was working on a blog post about Scott Products, because she knows how loyal our family is to this brand. My parents always bought Scott toilet paper, and when I finally bought a house of my own, naturally, I did the same. We have always believed that Scott provides quality products at a good price. Plus, their new incentives with the Scott Shared Values program make it even better to be a loyal Scott customer.

I support small local businesses almost daily, but sometimes, a trip to Walmart is a must.  Just this past weekend, while picking up some groceries for our recent food drive, we also stocked up on some our favorite Scott toilet paper and paper towels.

If there's is one thing you don't want to run out of, it's toilet paper. Right? That's why I like buying these big packs of Scott Toilet Paper.  My parents always liked the Scott 1000, but I like the Extra Soft too.  I never feel guilty having too much t.p. in the house!

There was a nice selection of Scott products at Walmart and it was really easy to find exactly what I was looking for, thanks to the bright colored logo. I was also excited to see a $4 Vudu coupon on the Scott Extra Soft package. 

Over a year ago, we decided to cancel our cable account and use instant internet video and public t.v. instead, so, I'm always interested in learning about new online streaming services. Vudu is a high definition video library where you can rent, buy and watch a vast selection of movies and TV shows, on a variety of devices. This is really cool for us because we can get instant video streaming to our t.v. via our computer.

After stocking up on our Scott products and a some other items, my little guy was getting tired. He looks like he could have comfortably slept on those paper towels, but it was time to check out!

The next day, I let my son choose a movie from Vudu. He chose Madagascar 3 which we all loved! 

Have you ever used Vudu? If you want to check it out, pick up select packs of Scott Extra Soft Bath Tissue, 24 pack, double roll, or Scott Towels, 6 pack, mega roll for a $4 vudu coupon.

Also, don't forget to sign up for the Scott Shared Value consumer rewards program which offers unique deals, coupons and rewards to members.  It's totally FREE and only takes a minute to join on the Scott Shared Values Website.

 Thanks for reading!

You can check out the rest of my shopping trip in my Google+ album here.

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I grew up in a very Scott loyal household. My parents always bought Scott toilet paper, and when I finally bought a house of my own, naturally, I did the same. My husband and I will always remember the day my Grandmom brought over a huge pack of Scott t.p. as part of a housewarming gift. We all had a good laugh!

Now, Scott has a new consumer rewards program that I want to share with you. As soon as I signed up, I was rewarded with a FREE admission ticket to a local zoo. This one reward alone made it worth signing up, but, then, I was also able to get an offer code for $5 to spend on Amazon MP3's too.

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