Sand & Water Activities for Kids

Looking for fun ways for your kids to play with sand and water? I've got you covered.  I recently wrote a post about all of the fun ways to help keep your kids cool with water play, and now by Disney shows us fun ideas for playing with sand as well!  In the article below, Spoonful featured my Sand and Shell Keepsakes in their collection, and other unique ideas such as: Framed Sand Footprints, DIY Moon Sand, and Sand Greeting Cards.

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Older kids may also like these Water Balloon Games.

Do you have any other fun ideas for playing with sand or water?  Leave a comment below.

Monsters University FREE Kids Activity Sheets #MonstersU

A couple of weeks ago, my kids, husband and I went to the movies for the FIRST time ever as a family. My kids are 5 & 7 years old, so I feel like we're a little behind the curve with this one.  But, they say "good things come to those who wait", and in this case, it was certainly the truth.

This past month was officially the rainiest June, ever, in the Philadelphia area.  One rainy Friday night, we decided to head over to our local theatre and see Monsters University.  The movie was even better than I expected.  I don't think my 5-year-old took his eyes off the screen for even a second during the movie. My husband and I enjoyed this movie as much as the kids did.  I was cheering for Sully and Mike the whole time, and, even though this was a kid's movie, it was the best film I've seen in a long time!

My friends at Disney.Pixar sent me some Monsters University activity sheets and I'm excited to share them with to you.  There's a coloring sheet, design sheets, spot the difference image, and more! 

If you want to download or print these for your kids, just click the name under the image for each activity.

Design a Monsters University ID Card

Monsters University Coloring Sheet

Spot The Difference

Design your own Monsters University Crest

Monsters Memory Game

Whether you need a quick activity for a rainy afternoon, or you have a child in love with Monsters University my mine, these are really cute activities to keep them busy for a while!

Have you seen this movie yet?  Did you love it too?

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10 Preschool Summer Water Activities


It can be hard to keep a preschooler busy during the summer.  It's the age where nap-time seems to disappear, but they still want A LOT of attention.  With warmer months ahead, it can be fun to incorporate water activities into your summer routine.  Water play for preschoolers gives kids a chance to get wet, use their senses and play. What could be better for a 3-5 year old?

I've done some research and found 10 Fun and Easy Water Activities for preschoolers.  Here they are:

1. Water Wall from Frogs Snails and Puppy Dog Tails

2. Soap Boat from I Heart Naptime

3. Over 15 Ideas for Water Balloon Games for Kids

4. Water Blob Tutorial from Clumsy Crafter

5. DIY Spash Balls from Mom Endeavors

6. Homemade Slip & Slide from Inner Child Fun

7. Sponge Brigade from Spoonful

8. Front Yard River from Camo and Bows

9. Water Limbo from Go Go Squeez

10. Kiddie Car Wash from Mom Endeavors

Over the summer, I'll be sharing more wet n' wild ways for kids to have fun and stay cool, so be sure to come back!  If you have any creative ideas for preschool or big kid water play, leave a comment below or send me an email.  I may feature your idea in an upcoming blog post! 

Now, onto this week's Kid's Co-op! 

Top 10 Cinco de Mayo Crafts and Activities for Kids

 Do you ever find yourself looking for something on the internet and not find what you're looking for? That was how I felt while looking for easy kid's crafts and activities for Cinco de Mayo. I kept finding the same crafts over and over, but most of them were too difficult for kids or required too many materials. So, I did some research and searched for Cinco de Mayo crafts and activities for kids that were: fairly easy, good for a group, and didn't require too many materials.

Here are the Top 10 Cinco de Mayo Crafts and Activities for Kids:


1. Footprint Chili Pepper Cinco de Mayo Craft.

2. Easter Egg Maracas  made with plastic easter eggs and spoons.

3. Pinanta Garland made with recycled toilet paper rolls. I love these!!!

4. Mexican Flag Drinking Straw - You need red, green and write staws and a print out of the Mexican flag for this craft.

5. Printable Cinco de Mayo Activities for Kids - Lots of great Mexican themed printables here.

6. Saguaro Cacti Kid's Art  All you need is construction paper, rice, and some tissue paper.

7. Cinco de Mayo Mariachi Guitar Craft - These bright and colorful guitars would be ideal for 1st grade and up.

8. Chili Pepper Craft Just grab some red beads and a green pipe cleaner for this one!

9. Mexican Flag Cinco de Mayo Project - This simple craft will help teach kids about the Mexican Flag and would go great with a social studies lesson.

10. DIY Crepe Paper Flowers. You could modify this to make it easier for the age group you're working with.  For instance, let the kids color coffee filters and make your own DIY fiesta flowers. 

Do you have any Cinco de Mayo family traditions?

Tons of Holiday Kid Crafts & Activities

This is such a fun time of year! Check out all of the new crafts, recipes and kids' activities with this week's edition of the Kid's Co-op.

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