Try Hockey for Free on March 1st, 2014

Any parent who has ever had a child play hockey knows that it can be a huge investment of time and money, so you really want to make sure your child is committed before signing up. A couple of years ago, my son begged us to play hockey. My husband and I let him give it a try, only to find out that it wasn't his cup of tea.  Over time, he has found other sports which he loves, and now enjoys watching hockey games from the sidelines instead.

Does your son or daughter want to try playing hockey? Thanks to the Try Hockey for Free program, your kids across the U.S. can have a free hockey session before you take the leap to skating lessons or team sign ups.

As part of the NHL's Come Play Hockey Month, ice rinks across the U.S. will be hosting programs for kids to try hockey for FREE!  This is a great opportunity for your child, between the ages of 4 to 9,  to get on the ice and learn more about the sport. 
These FREE hockey trial sessions will take place on Saturday, March 1, 2014.  
To learn more and find a location near you, go to the Try Hockey for Free website.  All locations have a limited amount of equipment available for use so you will need to register as soon as possible.