Painting With the Kids... Crazy or a Stroke of Genius?

Well, I don't know if it's this winter weather that's driving me a little stir-crazy, or just the urge to get more things done around the house.  But, last week, we had yet another snow day and the kids and I decided it would be a good day to paint their bathroom. On a different day, the thought of taking on this task with a barely 3 and 5 year old might seem nuts, but, for some reason, it just felt right.

That morning, I found out that preschool was abruptly cancelled and cabin fever was starting to set in.   All of a sudden, I blurted out "Who wants to paint the bathroom???" and both kids excitedly shouted "ME!!!!"  I really didn't think they would be that excited to paint a bathroom.  But, kids love arts and crafts, right?  Some kids (one of mine included) think that coloring on the wall is a blast.  And, kids love to take pride in their work.

So, we marched down to the basement and gathered our supplies, including the can of True Value 'Silver Spoon' tinted paint that had been sitting in our basement for far too many months.  I gave them each a brush and showed them where they could paint.  I taped around the woodwork and other edges, and just supervised my little workers. My youngest declared he was drawing dragons and dinosaurs as he smeared his color across the wall.  But, my 5 year old was so focused and detailed.  He took such great attention to every stroke of paint.

Once they painted all of the areas that were at their level, I stuck them right into a bubble bath so they could wash off.  This actually worked out perfectly because it gave me a chance to finish the first coat while they were playing in the tub.

At the end of the day, Daddy came home from work, and we VERY proudly showed off our work.  He was so happy.  Everyone was happy.  I even heard the words "Super Woman" come out of my husband's mouth which made me a super happy woman.  It was one of those days where everything just fell into place.  And, for a Mom, that is golden!