The Please Touch Museum - Fun for Kids in Philadelphia

We've been wanting to go to the Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia for so long, and I am thrilled that we finally went this past weekend! This place is the ultimate kid-friendly destination which makes it an ideal place for Mom and Dad too!

The fact that the kids are encouraged to touch, play, and explore throughout the entire museum makes it such a fun place.  I actually had to adjust my camera to sports mode, because every time I would try and take a photo, my kid would move.   They could just enjoy being kids.  They could touch absolutely EVERYTHING, which meant that my husband and I were completely relaxed.  Isn't that priceless?

I really didn't know what to expect, so I was pleasantly surprised by easy parking and a beautifully restored historic building.   As soon as we walked in, the architecture and detail of the building completely stopped me in my tracks.  My photographs don't do it justice.  It was truly stunning.  My kids, on the other hand, didn't want to admire the architecture of the building. They ran right into the first exhibit and started playing with everything they could get their hands on.

They absolutely adored the mini grocery store where they could go shopping for food and then bring it to the register to ring up.  They also loved pretending to play hospital, shooting off foam rockets, and playing with the faux bricks near the oversized red dump truck.  These are the things kids' dreams are made of!

The water-play area was awesome too! There were plastic boats, canals and big white clouds floating in the sky.  Plus, they had plenty of water-proof smocks so the kids didn't get drenched.

I won't tell you about all of the exhibits though, because part of the adventure is being surprised. But, I will tell you that every time we would go to a new exhibit, I would think 'Wow, this is their favorite!'  Then, we would move to the next exhibit and they would love that area just as much. They loved it all!  And, my husband and I were happy on the sideline watching them explore.

So, the Please Touch Museum gets two thumbs up from us and we will definitely be back! A big 'Thank you' to Momma Brown who gave us the opportunity to win these tickets at her blog. : )