Linvilla Orchards Mini Golf Review- Media, PA

Everyone wants to go to Linvilla Orchards when the fruit is in season and the sun is shining. But, now, Linvilla is luring us back to the orchard this winter with a new miniature golf course called "Fore! The Planet"

Fore! The Planet is a bright and modern museum exhibit created by the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia. But, this exhibit is much more interactive than most. Fore! The Planet pairs important environmental issues with miniature golf, so you can relax, have fun and learn about the planet along the way.

The Fore! The Planet golf course is located in Linvilla's new garden center. Even though it is completely enclosed to protect you from the elements, it has a great indoor/outdoor feel. 

This course is fun for kids, but it's also educational too. Each hole teaches you about a different environmental topic, and it's all beautifully designed.

You can learn about everything from the life cycle of a butterfly, to spawning salmon and the rainforest.

My kids have already been to this mini golf course twice, and they are begging to go back! It's nice to see Linvilla Orchards and the Academy of Natural Sciences team up to bring us an excitingand educational family activity. Hopefully, more local businesses will follow their lead!