A Spontaneous Trolley Ride, Trader Joe's and Speculoos With My Little Guy

For me, the best days often include a spontaneous adventure.  Those are the days that are filled with unexpected giggles and smiles. Those are the days where the sun shines brighter and everyone seems happier.  There are no expectations and everyone just goes with the flow.  Life is good.

 Sometimes, you just need to hop on a trolley with your 4 year old just for fun.  Stroll around town in the sun with absolutely no purpose or destination...

Get lunch from Trader Joe's and watch him slurp up the noodles. Don't worry about the time.  Just sit and enjoy the moment.  

Try Speculoos {a.k.a. cookie butter} for the first time. Do you really need to spread it on something? Eating it from the jar works just fine.

One way to get the most out of life is to look upon it as an adventure. - William Feather